Sail on The Mandalay's Final Voyages

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Sail on The Mandalay's Final Voyages

A New Journey: 2021 & Beyond

Dear S/V Mandalay Friends & Family,

The past 7+ years of sailing together as Sail Windjammer has been an incredible journey. We truly cherish the experiences we’ve all shared together, and we are grateful for each and every one of you that have become part of the Mandalay’s story... That story, however, is about to change.

This year, 2020, will be the last year the Mandalay sails as a commercial passenger vacation vessel. Make no mistake-she will continue to sail the Caribbean islands she calls home, but beginning in January of 2021 it will be an entirely new type of operation & experience, with a new focus.

Since beginning her journey in 1923, first as the Hussar, then Vema, and now S/V Mandalay, our beloved ship has always been about fulfilling dreams. The time has come for the next chapter and to fulfill a dream we’ve long had of helping (think Mandalay Missions), supporting & giving back to the Caribbean communities in the islands we call home.

More details on our new 2021 & Beyond project will be released in the coming months. The remainder of this year we will continue to sail on as always, with our regular weekly passenger vacation cruises just exactly as we have been doing. 

It will be a very special year as we share these final remaining cruises with you.

We look forward to seeing you all onboard this year and turning the page to a new story in 2021. More information about our exciting next journey will be soon to come...

Where do you want to go?