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Great tour – hope to book again!
It was a great experience. Everything was well organized, and the choice of the sub-contractors was excellent, especially the choice of tour director Steve Kaverman: the right person on the right job. This man has charisma with people. Also, the river float on the raft was a great idea. As for the eclipse, the choice of the place to see it was the best idea: far away from traffic jams and places, where "everybody" tries to watch it.

Some little thing (but that's outside the reach of Tropical Sails and the subcontractors): while the accommodations were ok and nothing to complain about – in terms of value for money –, it's amazing how little space some hotels avail to the guest, not for the persons, but for the things these persons want to unpack....
All together: great! We'll recommend Tropical Sails to many!
Plany from Vienna, Austria

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