Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020

Escorted or Guided Tour Argentina
Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020
This is Tropical Sails plan for an Argentina solar eclipse tour by land for Dec 14, 2020. We only have 20 rooms.

Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020 Map

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Argentina Eclipse Tour Prices 2020  Double is per person.

$500 per person deposit, refundable less credit card fees, if any until June 20, 2020.

Additional $500 per person deposit due June 20, 2020.

Balance due October 1, 2020.

It is our practice to refund late cancellations if we can replace your booking without penalty. This is in NOT guaranteed.

2% Discount for checks or wire payments.


Day 1 - December 07: USA

Departure from USA to Buenos Aires
Overnight on board

Day 2 - December 08: BUENOS AIRES

Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020 Buenos Aires
This genuine experience of cultural immersion offers a broader view of the city, which will allow us to achieve a fuller understanding of Buenos Aires’ urban identity and of the peculiar character of its inhabitants, learning the history of the city through its buildings, and paying special attention to the paradoxes and contradictions that constitute the essence of Porteños.

We’ll depart as expected from the illustrious Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires’ foundational site, where we’ll visit the Pink House, truly the President’s office (he works but doesn’t live there); the Cabildo, primitive town hall and witness of our first independence movement; and the Metropolitan Cathedral, the final home of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martín.

We’ll then head for San Telmo, once the residential district chosen by the primitive Buenos Aires aristocracy until 1871, when a yellow fever epidemics and the relentless growth of immigration forced the wealthier families to relocate to the north, abandoning the area. A hundred years later, San Telmo appeared on the map again, since many artists and intellectuals started moving to this charming barrio, drawn by its fascinating architecture, low property value and nearness to the city center. The neighborhood now houses a myriad of designer stores, art galleries, independent theaters, trendy bars and posh restaurants. We’ll visit San Telmo’s lovely cobbled streets, stopping by Plaza Dorrego, one of the most traditional spots. On weekends, an antique fair takes place in this square, where you can purchase anything from art and antiques to old magazines and records.

Our next stop is at Avenida de Mayo, a Paris-inspired boulevard that opened to the public in 1894, which symbolically unites the Pink House with the Congress. Despite the mostly French architecture, Spanish immigrants arrived in large numbers and gave the Avenue its distinctive spirit, opening many cafés and restaurants, as well as the magnificent Teatro Avenida, the city’s second opera house. We’ll make a stop at the mythical Café Tortoni, founded in 1858 by a Frenchman called Touan, who named it after the famous Parisian café. The place was traditionally frequented by artists, intellectuals and politicians, and sitting at one of its tables we’ll feel transported back to the 19th century. After a snack at the Tortoni, we’ll literally take the A-train, South America’s first subway service, built-in 1914. The stations have been preserved exactly as they were back then.

The port district of La Boca is one of the city’s most characteristic spots. It’s a working-class district, where most of the Italian immigrants, mainly from Genoa, settled during the last decades of the 19th century. Arriving at La Boca, we’ll be surprised to see houses made out of tin and painted with the strangest colors: this is because the first immigrants built their homes with spare materials they found at the nearby shipyards and docks, using any leftover paint the could get. Also, in La Boca, we can find two of the most famed icons of the city: the mythical Caminito Street, an outdoor museum dedicated to tango and soccer, and La Bombonera, Boca Juniors’ stadium, home of Argentina’s most popular team, the one that sent Diego Armando Maradona to world stardom.

Heading back north across the river, we’ll pay a visit to Puerto Madero, a rather contrasting port district. Puerto Madero is nowadays Buenos Aires’ most modern and sophisticated area, and the spearhead of an urban renovation project started in 1991 with the remodeling of a series of huge warehouses and silos, which were transformed into trendy apartment buildings, restaurants and night clubs. Its construction served a double purpose: integrating the city to the river, and placing The Queen of the River Plate, as Buenos Aires is usually called, among the capitals of the globalized world.

We’ll leave the South behind and head for the city’s more traditional residential districts of the north. In Retiro, we’ll observe the splendid Plaza San Martin, which stands out for its imposing elegance and the buildings that surround it, a majestic memento of the French Belle Époque: the former Palacio Paz, nowadays the Círculo Militar (Military Society), the Palacio San Martín and the Plaza Hotel, among others. To keep us from waking from that dream, we’ll travel to Recoleta, where we’ll first visit Avenida Alvear, where one can find the top designer houses in the world, such as Cartier, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. In Plaza Francia, we’ll visit the colonial Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the second oldest in town. Next to it, we find the celebrated Recoleta Cemetery, where many of the greatest personalities in Argentinian history are buried, Eva Perón included. Finally, we head for Palermo, one of the city’s most proteic neighborhoods. There we first visit Palermo Chico, similar in its spirit to Recoleta; then we travel to Palermo Hollywood, named after the presence of many TV studios that have gathered around them a number of restaurants and cafés frequented by local celebrities; and finally we visit Palermo Soho, the Buenos Aires version of the N.Y namesake district, full of boutiques, designer stores, trendy restaurants and bars.

Ending our visit, we head for the Costanera Norte (Northern Promenade), where we’ll get a different view of the river. There, we’ll walk along the riverside path, enjoying the lovely vista and the river breeze.

  • Lunch at Gourmet Porteño steak house buffet-style unlimited without beverages
  • Tips at restaurant
  • English speaking guide
Eva Peron Tomb

Argentina Beef

Day 3 - December 09: BUENOS AIRES

  • Private 5 hours Aristocratic Buenos Aires city tour with lunch
The trails left by the Argentine aristocracy in their retreat are easy to follow, tracing a path from south to north. Upon abandoning San Telmo, their primitive stronghold, in the late 19th the upper classes moved northwards, where during the first decades of the new century, our country’s true Belle Époque, they decided to showcase their wealth with the construction of magnificent buildings. French architects and engineers were promptly summoned, charging them with the design and construction of buildings that would allow for Buenos Aires to rival with Paris, back then undisputedly the center of the world, while shaking off at the same time the city’s Colonial heritage, transforming Buenos Aires into South America’s leading metropolis.

Our starting point is Plaza San Martín, a few meters from the massive Retiro railway station, a true railway engineering masterpiece, built in 1914 with materials brought directly from Liverpool. Plaza San Martín was built on a plot of land once occupied by the El Retiro hermit, who gave the neighborhood its current name; then there was a slave depot there, and from 1801 to 1819 Buenos Aires’ first and only Bull Ring operated there. Finally, barracks were installed, which remained until 1889, when they were dismantled to build the Square, which was designed by celebrated French landscape artist Charles Thays. Around Plaza San Martín stand tall some of the city’s most conspicuous buildings. Some of them will allow us to imagine the splendid life the wealthier classes lived in the early 20th century: such is the case of the former Palacio Paz, commissioned to French architect Louis Sortais by José C. Paz, founder of La Prensa newspaper, who never actually got to live there, and that after the death of Paz was sold to the national government; nowadays, this 12,000 square meter palace houses the Military Society.

We start our visit of Recoleta at the namesake Cemetery. Once through the doors of this colossal necropolis, which occupies four blocks and houses ornate mausoleums and funeral monuments by famed architects and artists, we’ll be forced to discredit the popular notion that we are all equal in death. Indeed, the wealthier classes built this cemetery to protect themselves from intruders even beyond the grave. It’s the final home of the most transcendental actors in Argentina’s public life, paradoxically including Eva Perón, who championed for the humble against the hated “oligarchs”. Next to the Cemetery, we find the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, built in 1732, making it the second oldest in Buenos Aires. We then walk across Alvear Avenue, home of the world’s top designer houses. At the end of the avenue, in the area known as Place Vendôme, after the traditional Parisian square, we see the Ortíz Basualdo Palace, an excellent example of French architecture in Buenos Aires, where casually the French embassy is located. A few meters away, we find the Mansion of the Four Seasons Hotel, formerly the imposing palace of the very traditional Álzaga Unzué family. Finally, before leaving Recoleta, we visit the Museum of Decorative Art, a spectacular French mansion built in 1918, which houses an important collection. There we’ll get an idea of how the very wealthy used to live during our country’s golden years

Following the footsteps of Argentine aristocracy on its retreat to the north, we visit Palermo Chico. Around the massive Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods), designed by Charles Thays for the May Revolution Centennial, together with parks, squares, woods and artificial lakes, we’ll have the chance to admire more luxurious palaces and mansions. We’ll also visit the Palermo Rose Garden, a beautiful park that houses many species of Western civilization’s most sung flower.

Our visit ends at Costanera Norte (North Riverside Area), where if the weather’s good we’ll be able to spot the Uruguayan coast.

  • Lunch in Puerto Madero area
  • (Starter + main course + desert + glass of champagne + glass of wine + coffee)
  • Tips at restaurant
  • English speaking guide
Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires or similar 5* with breakfast in Regency room

Argentina Eclipse Tour 2020 San Ysidro Tigre

Argentina Eclipse Tour 2020 Tango Lessons

Day 4 - December 10: BUENOS AIRES – BARILOCHE

  • Check out after breakfast
  • Private transfer out to domestic airport
  • Porter tips
  • English speaking guide
  • Early flight to Bariloche (Not included)
  • Private transfer in BRC (Bariloche Airport) to Hotel (Bus)
  • Porter tips Airport and Hotel
  • 3 steps lunch at the hotel with 1 bottle of mineral water per person
  • Tips at restaurant
  • PM Private circuito Chico and panoramic viewpoint visit with ascension
The tour starts in Bariloche, riding down Ezequiel Bustillo Ave.: a winding paved road along the Nahuel Huapi lakeshore. At kilometre 8, you come to Playa Bonita, from where you can see Huemul Island. Continuing along this road for another 10 km, and after passing through some beautiful scenery, you arrive at Campanario Hill. A chair lift takes you to the top of the hill (1050 m) from where you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of this region. You will see Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes, El Trébol lagoon, San Pedro and Llao peninsulas, Victoria Island, Otto, López, Goye and Catedral hills, and the main town, San Carlos de Bariloche. Further ahead, and after leaving San Pedro peninsula behind, you reach Llao peninsula, with its namesake hilltop hotel and San Eduardo Chapel, two architectural jewels of this region, and you go by Pañuelo Port, the starting point of many lake excursions. Further on you will go by a golf course, cross the bridge over the Angostura river that joins Nahuel Huapi Lake with Moreno Lake, and pass by López Bay at the base of López Hill. Further on, you get to the Panoramic Point, a belvedere with a magnificent view of Moreno Lake and Llao peninsula. Then you will cross the bridge over Moreno Lake at a narrow end, follow the shoreline of El Trébol lagoon, and 2 km ahead you meet Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. again and return to Bariloche.

  • Campanario Hill chairlift fee
  • 20:00 Short walk from the hotel to the restaurant with a guide for assistance
  • Parrilla San Julian steak house (100 meters from the hotel)
  • 3 steps dinner with 1 bottle of water per person
  • Tips at restaurant

Argentina Eclipse Tour 2020 Andes Foothills

Day 5 - December 11: BARILOCHE

  • FD Private visit to Puerto Blest and Los Cantaros cascade
The excursion starts in Bariloche and after a 25 km ride along Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. you arrive at Pañuelo Port. There you board the El Cóndor catamaran and sail to Puerto Blest, on the western coast of Nahuel Huapi Lake. One of the attractions along the way is Centinela islet, where Francisco P. Moreno is buried. Once you arrive at Blest, you can visit the area or continue for another 3 km bus ride to Frías Lake where you sail for 20 minutes the very unique green colored water and enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Tronador, until you reach the Argentinean customs office. Upon returning to Blest Port, you board the catamaran again and navigate to Cántaros Port. A path of steps leads up to Los Cántaros Lake. Along the way, you can admire several cascades along Cántaros river that flows down to Nahuel Huapi Lake. Then we walk down and sail back to Pañuelo Port.

  • Private transfer to Puerto Blest pier in English
  • National park tickets
  • Port tax
  • SIB Navigation to Puerto Blest and Los Cantaros cascade
  • Local guide ticket for navigation 50 %
  • 3 steps meal in Puerto Blest with 1 bottle of mineral water per person
  • Tips at restaurant
  • 3 steps dinner at Hotel with 1 bottle of water per person
  • Tips at restaurant
  • Hotel Cacique Inacayal 4* with breakfast

Day 6 - December 12: BARILOCHE


  • Private transfer to Cerro Lopez Hill in English, by bus, 4WD + Lunch at shelter + trekking
Everything starts with the pick up at the hotel, with a transfer to the base of Lopez hill, crossing by 30 kilometers of the Circuito Chico (small Circuit). From its base depart the 4WD jeeps that Will take us to the shelter at 1260 meters above sea level. During this part of the tour, we Will be gaining altitude over the sea level and the road will surprise us with breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful forests in the region. Once we reach the area of the activity, we Will be given an introductory char about safety and general information. Our guide will help us with our equipment and we Will start with a Trek of about 40 minutes by a “Lengas” forest. We Will cross through amazing paths with the Majestic Nahuel Huapi lake as a background. During our trek by this isolated virgin places, we will enjoy explanations from our guide about the history of the place and its flora and fauna. After 40 minutes we will reach a viewpoint where a snack will be served. After this stop, we return to the shelter where our cook will be waiting for us with a traditional lunch. During the visit we will make several stops to enjoy the silence and views. After lunch, we take our 4WD jeeps to return to the base from where we return to the city. Menu for lunch: Starter: Traditional Argentine “picada”, salami, assorted cheeses, dips, regional creams, country bread, focaccia and argentine style meat pies.
Main course: ribeye with risotto and baked potatoes with fine herbs.
Desert: Brownie with dry fruits and sauce
Beverages not included


  • Private full day San Martin de Los Andes by the 7 lakes road
In addition to transit the famous road of the 7 lakes all the way to the delight with unique landscapes, the visit of the picturesque towns of Villa La Angostura and San Martin de Los Andes.
We travel the RN 40 to 21km from San Carlos de Bariloche until is connected with the RN 231 and we take towards west. Some stretches of the road skirts the Lake Nahuel Huapi unique, revealing the Cerro Cathedral in the background. After passing Puerto Manzano, Villa La Angostura is crossed, a true mountain village, characterized by its meticulous and clean architecture. A few miles later the 7 lakes road begins, walking the Drafty, Espejo, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso and Machonico lakes. Each attraction has a unique landscape, surrounded by olive and lush forests. Once in San Martin de Los Andes, on the shore of Lake Lacer, passengers can explore the city and visit an interesting viewpoint. We return along the same path, or Junin de Los Andes, according to the state of the roads.
with drop off in San Martin de Los Andes
  • Porter tips BRC + SMA
  • 3 steps lunch in San Martin de Los Andes with 1 bottle of mineral water
  • Tips at restaurant
  • Hotel Patagonia Plaza 4* in STD room with breakfast
  • 07 SGLB or DBLB Superior with breakfast
  • 06 Junior Suites Matrimonial beds only, with breakfast
  • 05 Apartments TRPB with breakfast
  • 04 TRPB twins with breakfast
  • 3 steps dinner at Hotel in San Martin de Los Andes with 1 bottle of water
  • Tips at restaurant

Day 8 - December 14: SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES

Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020 Map

Private full day Lanin Volcano and Huechulaufquen lake visit
Stop for the eclipse
Australia Paul Kim

Starts 11:43 + Maximum 13:03 + ends 14:33
Hotel in San Martin de Los Andes with breakfast and taxes

Argentina Lanin Volcano

  • Private full day Lanin Volcano visit with stop for the eclipse
  • This service will be provided in 3 kombis for 14 Pax each.
  • 3 steps meal with 1 bottle of mineral water per person
  • Tips at restaurant
  • 20:00 private transfer in 3 vehicles to restaurant La Costa for dinner
  • 3 steps meal at Restaurant La Costa with 1 bottle of mineral water
  • Tips at restaurant
  • Hotel Patagonia Plaza 4* in STD room with breakfast
07 SGLB or DBLB Superior with breakfast
06 Junior Suites Matrimonial beds only, with breakfast
05 Apartments TRPB with breakfast
04 TRPB twins with breakfast
  • 3 steps dinner at Hotel in San Martin de Los Andes with 1 bottle of water
  • Tips at restaurant


  • Private full day transfer San Martin to Bariloche in tour with stops
  • Porter tips SMA + BRC
  • 3 steps lunch at Los Amigos del Sur restaurant in Villa La Angostura
  • Tips at restaurant
  • 20:00 private transfer to restaurant Jauja for dinner
  • 3 steps dinner with 1 bottle of mineral water per person
  • Tips at restaurant
  • Hotel Cacique Inacayal 4* with breakfast

Day 10 - December 16: BARILOCHE – BUENOS AIRES

  • Private transfer out Bariloche
  • Flight to Buenos Aires (Not included)
  • Private transfer in Buenos Aires domestic airport to Hotel
  • English speaking guide
  • Porter tips Airport and Hotel
  • 19:30 Private transfer to Galatango for a farewell dinner and tango show at an upscale place, not a standard show.

Day 11 - December 17: Buenos Aires

Breakfast and transfer to domestic airport for those going to Iguazu.

Late morning checkout, free shopping time and transfer to airport for international flights in the afternoon.

Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020 Extension

IGUAZU ADD ON (Pre or post main program)

  • Private transfer to domestic airport
  • Early flight to Puerto Iguazu (1 hour 45 minutes)
  • Private transfer in Iguazu to Hotel in the forest
  • Hotel in the Forest with breakfast and taxes (Loi Suites, or La Aldea de La Selva or La Cantera)
Dinner at the hotel

  • Private full-day waterfalls visit the Argentine side
  • National park tickets included
  • Hotel with breakfast and taxes
Dinner at the hotel

  • Private half-day waterfalls visit the Brazilian side
– Optional Helicopter flight
– Optional rapids navigation to the walls of the waterfall and 4WD in the forest
  • Hotel with breakfast and taxes
Dinner at the hotel

  • Transfer out to Puerto Iguazu airport
  • Flight back to Buenos Aires

End of Argentina Solar Eclipse Tour 2020 Extension

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