Fun Tour of Turkey

Fun Tour of Turkey
I spent a lot of time researching a Biblical Tour in Turkey. I found that the Tropical Sails company quote was 40-50% cheaper than other companies for the same itinerary… and this caused concern why so cheap??? I called up Daniel and talked with him. He was very kind and knowledgeable… and had personally been on the Turkey trip before. I decided to use him.

The trip in several ways was one of my favorites. The tour guide and driver were so kind, timely, and professional… more than I was expecting. The quality of the hotels and the food were once again more than I was expecting. A couple of times I had a balcony facing the Ocean. The itinerary was just as advertised. It seems the people are working to get return customers and good reviews. I am not used to getting more than I expected.

I really think Daniel’s company is doing the research to find the best deals. I found that Daniel is an honest person. I plan to check with Daniel again to ask him what good deals he has.
Traveled to Turkey ~ Europe

by Dan Oppliger on 08/08/2019 in Escorted or Guided Tour