Daniel Oppliger

Daniel Oppliger

Your Adventure, Tour, and Cruise Expert

Embark on a journey beyond boundaries with me as your dedicated travel agent. With a passport stamped in 65 countries and extensive experience leading groups worldwide, I am your key to unlocking unforgettable adventures. Here's what sets me apart:

Global Explorer: Having explored 65 countries, including vibrant destinations like China, Turkey, Chile, and Argentina, I bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge to curate unique and enriching travel experiences.

Cruise Connoisseur: Specializing in river cruises, particularly with Avalon, I understand the importance of comfortable accommodations and memorable views. Picture a roomy cabin with a bed facing the water – the epitome of cruise luxury.

Group Tour Specialist: Planning group tours is my forte. I know the intricacies of creating the perfect itinerary, avoiding tourist traps, and incorporating delightful activities like evening shows, spa experiences, cycling tours, and yachting adventures.

Tailored Experiences: Whether you prefer solo travel or a group tour, I leverage my global contacts to cater to your specific needs. I understand that vacation is about relaxation, not a forced march, so I recommend including free time or leisure breaks in your itinerary.

Personalized Service: Your journey is unique, and I ensure that every detail is tailored to your preferences. I have reliable contacts worldwide to make your tour seamless and extraordinary.

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