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  • Mazatlán Solar Eclipse 2024 Scouting Report

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    Figure-1. I had clear skies three of the four days I was in Mazatalan. April 8 had intermittent cloud cover.


    April 8, 2024 sunny Mazatlán promises to be one of the best places to witness a total solar eclipse which will occur overhead on that day. This week I was in Mazatlán on a scouting trip. As is normal I had clear blue skies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but Thursday the 8th was partly cloudy.

    With the solar eclipse occurring on April 8th and Easter being March 31st, it will be past the flood of Mexicans to the beach for Holy Week and the week after Easter. I am sure the hotels will keep the rates up for eclipse week too.

    There are what I call three hotel zones in Mazatlán. We will leave out old Mazatlán because it consists of very old properties in the one-or two-star range.

    The Golden Zone has several adequate 3-star properties. I know many clients were unhappy with the Hotel in La Serena, Chile. If you were one of them skip this option. For beginning eclipse chasers these hotels provide affordable basic accommodations, clean rooms, and the mattresses in my room and other places were firm.

    Figure-3. Costa del Oro

    Costa del Oro where I stayed has a swimmable beach, a nice pool, basic non-spicy Mexican food, outdoor cantina and a nice atmosphere. It was clean and everything in the room worked. You can’t always say that about Mexico. The view to the east where the eclipse will begin at approximately 10:41 local time is good as the sun is over the building by then and there is lots of deck space around the pool to set up for photos etc.


    Figure-4. Emporio Hotel

    The Emporio is a clean older hotel in good repair with ocean view or pool view rooms. These older hotels tend to have two double beds or a king in the room. For the budget client this would be a good option.

    Marina Mazatlán.

    Hotel PUEBLO BONITO MAZATLAN is a Mexican chain of premier resort. The pool and grounds are very nice and it is north of the Golden Zone. Views to the east are problematic. You may have to move 24 or so yards on the ocean from for the perfect view. Once the eclipse reached totality it will be overhead anyway. For those wanting an all inclusive getaway this may be the place to come.

    Estrella del Mar

    South of town very near the centerline is Estrella del Mar. The new Dream AM Resorts will debut dreams Estrella del Mar Mazatlán – its 35th property in Mexico – in December 2022. Construction on the $70 million beachfront property, which will be set on a 12-acre estate, began on March 25, 2021.

    The resort will feature 43 suites with swim-out pools; 14 master suites and a presidential suite with a pool; five restaurants and six bars; a spa and wellness center; two main pools and a third pool for adults; a kids and teens club; a theater; and a convention center accommodating 700 people.

    Figure-5. Dreams location SE of Mazatlán. The blue line is the centerline of the eclipse.

    The location is ideal because it is very near the centerline of the eclipse path. Dreams promises to provide the luxury experience many of our clients now desire. We have an early booking request in with a major tour operator, so let’s hope they come through.

    What else is there to do?

    The Tequila Factory. Well, we cannot call it that because Tequila comes from Jalisco, Mexico. Part of the admission fee includes two shots of Tequila, salt and lime.

    Los Osuna is a small distillery. I was shown the old equipment and the new crushers, vats, wooden barrels and the bottling plant.

    Figure-6. Blue Agave Plants

    Figure-7. Fermentation Vat

    Figure-8. Los Osuna Agave Azul

    Cock Fighting is still legal in Mexico.

    Figure-9. Rooster Farm for cock fighting.

    Figure-10. Dancing Horses

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