Travel Insurance

We highly suggest taking out some travel insurance to cover the unexpected.

The owner of Tropical Sails Corp has collected on travel insurance on three separate occasions.

Travel insurance covers delays, cancellations, missed flights due to bad connections, sickness or injury while traveling and many other items. Fill in the boxes to get a free quote or write to Tropical Sails Corp and we will mail you a small flyer.

On a recent domestic tour in the USA, we had three clients who could have collected if they had purchased insurance.

Peter Greenburg explains the repatriation and medical evacuation clause.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Tropical Sails Corp act only as agent for the suppliers of yacht tours, accommodations, food and other goods and services provided to the participant. All arrangements to transport, accommodate and other services are made upon the express conditions that Tropical Sails Corp and its agents shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect consequential or incidental damage, injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity of any kind occasioned by reason or any act or omission beyond its control, including without limitation, any act or negligence or breach of contract by any third party, such as airline, cruise line, hotel, ground handler, etc., who is to or does supply any good or service to the tour. Itinerary and schedule is subject to he Captain’s or leader discretion, wind, weather and/or road conditions. Those paying by credit card to be cleared by Tropical Sails Corp must use Pay Pal and a surcharge may apply. Credit card use terms for other suppliers are subject to their terms. Traveler’s Accident, Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance is available from Tropical Sails Corp.

Thailand is Sick of Tourists Without Travel Insurance

Have you ever considered the economic impact an injured traveller can leave behind on a country or city when they don’t take out the right travel insurance?

We sense this to be a growing trend. A question asking for details of travel insurance has been on the Russian visa application for years. How many times do we see sad stories of people hospitalised overseas –seems Thailand and Indonesia attract a lot of these people – and they didn’t have any, or adequate insurance. Seems no one in the family can assist and you then find a ‘go fund me page’ has arisen and others pay for it.

We all know a holidaymaker without travel insurance can run up a hefty personal bill, but what about the financial strain they leave on their host destination?
According to Cover-More’s Mike Stein, an uninsured injured traveller can drain a country of millions in medical expenses and it’s often countries where supplies and finances are scarce. Speaking to Travel Agents at the Revolution Roadshow in Sydney last week, the Executive General Manager of Sales & Distribution said it’s the doctors, nurses and other health staff who are affected when a traveller can’t afford to pay their bills AND it’s the locals who are robbed of the opportunity to receive treatment.

Outside the medical community, it’s also local business people who lose their primary source of income when items such as motorcycles are damaged and can’t be replaced.

“Leave no footprint – that’s critical to most definitions of sustainable tourism and it includes leaving no negative economic footprint, which can occur when people don’t have the right insurance policy when they go on holidays.”

Mike Stein, Cover-More Executive General Manager of Sales & Distribution Stein said a solution to the problem could be for countries to consider making travel insurance compulsory, similar to the visitor law proposed by Thailand in June 2017.

As part of the proposed law, foreigners would need to show travel insurance documents to customs officers or risk being turned away.

“Thailand is considering making travel insurance a border entry requirement to Thailand and the reason is because they’re spending some $2.2 million a week on medical expenses for foreigners.” Mike Stein, Cover-More Executive General Manager of Sales & Distribution
“The impact for locals is profound!”

Here’s Why Cruise Passengers Buy Insurance

A New Cruise Amenity You Should Consider Now

Cruise lines are continually trying to outdo each other with new onboard amenities such as rock climbing walls, zip lines and rollercoasters. But now there’s a new option to consider: specialty cruise insurance.

At least three travel insurance companies have launched cruise-specific travel insurance policies since the beginning of the year. Their arrival has rekindled a debate among travelers, who wonder how much travel insurance is necessary — or whether it’s needed at all.

Vacation heart attack in Mexico costs Newmarket couple their life savings

After getting a clean bill of health from his doctor, Doug Whibley and wife Eleanor took a chance that all would be well and didn’t buy travel insurance

Doug Whibley lay on the floor of the lobby of a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, without a pulse, while his wife, Eleanor, waited for him out by the pool.

In an incredible stroke of luck, four EMS professionals were checking in that Feb. 11 morning and they leapt into action.

Two paramedics from Winnipeg began doing CPR chest compressions on the unconscious 78-year-old Newmarket man, without result, until their firefighter friend took over. A defibrillator was found — but it needed a new battery before they could use it.